This weeks new podcasts - Rick Davies Ryman Healthcare, Anil Thapliyal CEO HealthTRx & Scott Arrol NZHIT

Join Scott in a chat with Rick Davies, Anil Thapliyal and himself!

EP20: Pt 03 "Healthtech Supernode Challenge

Rick Davies has been with Ryman Healthcare for 12 months and he talks about the fantastic work they do in caring for older people in New Zealand and Australia, their special innovation DNA and great support of the Healthtech Supernode Challenge.

EP21: An update from NZHIT CEO, Scott Arrol

Scott reflects on how well the podcast channel is doing since starting on 1 June 2020, the feedback from listeners, answers a question about how well we're doing with the pandemic, the Healthtech Supernode Challenge and how excited he is about the NZHIT in-person networking event on the 28th of July - the first since pre-lockdown.

Anil Thapliyal is a pioneer in the area of eMental health both in New Zealand and internationally. He wears a number of hats when it comes to the roles he holds in the eMental health sector. This episode is the first in a series focusing on this space and Anil is the perfect person to kick these off.

EP22: Pt 01 “eMental Health Series” ‍



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