Scott answers questions from Kate about the key components of the role

EP51: Having recently announced his resignation as the CEO of NZHIT, Scott answers questions from Kate about the key components of the role to provide insights to those who might be looking at applying for the position as the NZHIT Board commences the recruitment process to find Scott's replacement.

Even if you're not wanting to be NZHIT's next CEO this episode will provide you with a look behind the outward facing work that Scott has done for the past 6+ years and you'll hear him talk about the important day-to-day effort that goes on behind the scenes.

Whilst Scott doesn't depart NZHIT until mid-January 2021 this episode is an opportunity to capture his remarkable story that started in 2014 when he took a struggling membership organisation and turned it into the peak body for the health IT industry sector in New Zealand. You can contact Scott directly at [email protected] check out the NZHIT website at

Interested in more information about the recruitment process for Scott's replacement then head to the job vacancy announcement on the NZHIT website and follow the links to the position description and job advertisement -

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