SURVEY - Informing development of a data and information strategy for health and disability


The Ministry of Health is developing a data and information strategy for health and disability, and we want to know what you think we should be focusing on. This is about the health and disability sectors, but also about the connections between health, wellbeing and other parts of people’s lives.

It is a companion strategy for the Digital Health Strategic Framework and focuses on digital data and information.

Having the right data and information at our fingertips is essential for good decision-making and is an important part of building a modern data and digitally-enabled health and disability system. It’s about giving clinicians and consumers easier access to relevant health information in order to provide better health outcomes for all New Zealanders.

To achieve that, we need to make sure data and information are managed and governed appropriately, and that the right safeguards, ethics, security and privacy protocols are in place.

This consultation is aimed at all people who work with and are interested in data and information within the New Zealand health and disability system.

Because you work in the health and disability system, we would like to understand what you think this strategy should focus on. We will engage separately with people who use health and disability services in New Zealand.

Several possible priority areas for a data and information strategy for health and disability have been identified through earlier work. We would like your feedback on what your pain points are, what your priority areas are, and what you think needs to be addressed first.

The questions are organised by section. You can complete the questions in one sitting, or you can save your answers and return later to complete the survey. If you select ‘save and come back later’, you will be sent an email with a unique link that will let you return to your submission to edit and submit it. You can share the link with your colleagues if you require their contribution.

What we will do with your survey feedback

We will analyse the results of this survey and your feedback will help us develop the draft strategy further, and then consult further. The survey results will be anonymised for analysis. If you provide your name and contact details after completing this survey, this will be used only to communicate with you as the strategy is developed.

The survey closing date is Sunday 20 December 2020.

If you would like further information about this strategy, please email .

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