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A strong & active network representing the digital health industry sector with the vision of 'enabling a healthier New Zealand'

Formed in 2002 as an incorporated society (owned by its members), NZHIT has grown to now be a large membership of 170+ organisations and is the peak body for the digital health industry sector in New Zealand. We have an extensive reach across the health and disability sector that enables our members to be part of a strong, influential and relevant network that ensures the importance of digital health technology is 'front and centre' at every opportunity.

This positions members as important contributors to, and enablers of, the delivery of healthcare services both nationally and internationally. Our vision for digital health is to go from being an enabler towards creating full tech enablement that supports the achievement of world class health, disability and social sectors.

To provide value and benefits to members and stakeholders we focus on the following overarching deliverables:

Leadership - NZHIT provides leadership to the digital health sector and the wider health sector on behalf of members, stakeholders, and valued relationships across New Zealand and internationally.

We have published our sector report Hauora, Mauri Ora, Enabling a Healthier Aotearoa New Zealand. This opportunities report will provide leadership and unify the sector around a core set of recommendations and 'calls to action' that will unlock the potential of health technology to fully support a world class health system for all New Zealanders.

We advocate for and represent the value that digital health technology provides in New Zealand and offshore.

Engagement - we make sure NZHIT is engaged in numerous activities across the health sector and we provide opportunities for our members to be engaged so they can provide expert input , be aware of current or planned initiatives and raise their profile as committed supporters of the sector.

The NZHIT Industry Groups are excellent for creating engagement opportunities for members, we have an industry representative on the HISO committee, on the Telehealth Leadership Group, the medicines management governance group, and other sector related groups. We organise multiple workshops and engagement opportunities (for example, with the likes of the Ministry of Health) where members can contribute and be actively involved.

Being engaged in member and sector related activities is an incredibly important factor when it comes to demonstrating commitment to the sector. New Zealand is a small country and the health sector is even smaller so being an actively engaged contributor is essential, and is noticed.

Connected - we provide multiple opportunities for members to connect across the health sector, which is important if you want to be connected with decision-makers, potential partners and collaborators.

We have a multi-faceted, 'pick-n-mix' approach that provides a range of ways in which you can connect - you choose as many or as little as you like and we make sure you get full value in doing so. This includes holding events (and supporting other's events that members can attend), putting your news on the NZHIT website and pushing it out through newsletters and social media channels, being a guest on our podcast show, contributing blogs, accessing resources, the jobs board for vacancies and candidates, joining into webinars, one-on-one introductions, and much, much more.

Just as it's important to be engaged it is equally as important to be connected - NZHIT is a leader when it comes to creating multiple opportunities for you to be connected.

Support - NZHIT recognises the importance of providing guidance and support to its members whether that be through individual or group discussions and advice as this helps you get through the tough times and plan for future success.

We know the sector and will sit down with you and your team to learn about the factors that are important for your success, the problems you're experiencing, provide insights, connect you with others who can help and generally provide as much support as possible. Successful members are the key to the success of the NZHIT network and this flows into the success of the wider health sector.

It is impossible to list out everything we do at NZHIT to provide benefits and add value for our members and stakeholders. We work tirelessly to make sure your individual needs are met along with continually building a strong membership network that everyone can participate in and use as a part of their organisation's success.

Ryl Jensen, NZHIT's CEO, is always available for a chat to discuss this further and to assist in any way possible. Make contact via
or +64 21 741 700

Liam McLeavey, NZHIT's Operations Manager, is here to assist in any way with uploading your news, your job vacancies, events, and much more. Please contact him via
or on +64 27 303 9473

Also, make sure to check out our
governance page, constitution and policies and view our member's honours board.

What services can NZHIT provide your organisation?

The following are more detailed examples of the 'things we do'

ector Leadership
- as the industry representative body we provide direction and leadership for the sector for key issues, opportunities and challenges to be proactively highlighted. We work with key parties to assist with creating successful outcomes that "enable a healthier New Zealand". Our members are custodians of the majority of New Zealand's public health data and they take this responsibility very seriously.

Engagement and Advocacy - as the industry representative body we develop and provide many opportunities for members to engage with the health sector, and wider, both collectively and individually. We work closely with our Alliance Partners to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for all stakeholders involved.

Special Interest Groups - our extensive membership creates opportunities for members working within common areas of interest to form into Special Interest Groups and work collaboratively for mutual benefit.

Introductory Services - the NZHIT member , alliance partner and stakeholder network is extensive. It covers the majority of digital health organisations operating in this country (and exporting internationally), healthcare providers, funders and policy-makers. We are a key "connector" in the sector and seek to put people together where collaborative opportunities can be developed into successful outcomes.

Networking Opportunities - we work on the principle that "you get out what you put in" and create multiple opportunities for members to network and engage.

Events - with more than 20 events organised and run annually we offer many opportunities for networking, education and sector engagement. These range from specific NZHIT-only run events to partnering with other organisations (such as HiNZ, HL7NZ or the NZ Tech Alliance) to widen the spread and depth of an event. In most cases, NZHIT members enjoy either free or discounted registration options to NZHIT-only events and also where we have a partner arrangement in place. 

Special Events - we will also organise and run individualised events for a member such as breakfast or lunch meet-ups where specific topics can be discussed within a smaller, focussed group of people.

News and Resources - we're proud of the fantastic work our members do to create digital solutions that enable high quality health services both in New Zealand and globally. Hence, we use our website to highlight and showcase members and their news stories as well as provide an avenue to post case studies, white papers, sector reports, presentations and employment opportunities. This is available to all members and alliance partners to take advantage of.

Tailored Member Plans - we sit down with you to understand what's most important for you so we can identify key areas to focus on for you to gain full value from your membership.

Partnerships and Collaboration - we have a range of special Alliance Partner arrangements that provide numerous benefits to members. Our collaborative approach creates many opportunities to engage across New Zealand's health and social sectors, and the wider technology sector.

Consultancy and Advice - we provide advice and consultancy type services to members throughout the year. Most times this is covered in your membership fee plus we can provide specific consultancy services at an agreed rate to members and non-members, depending on what you require.

Project Management - we have a number of independent project managers in our network that we can tap into when you need to scale up for a specific project.

NZHIT Strategic Plan

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The schedule is based on category levels that relate to revenue derived from New Zealand's health and disabilities sector, ACC and the private healthcare market. Please don't hesitate to make contact if you have any queries relating to these categories and the fee schedule.

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