Podcasts this week EP52: Webtools Health CEO, Harry Hawke and EP53: Medtech CEO, Geoff Sayer

EP52: Harry, and Webtools Health, bring an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to health technology in New Zealand and increasingly off-shore as well.  Harry is also a NZHIT elected board member and he talks about his own experience in health and wider tech fields as well as the direction of digital health in New Zealand.

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Webtools are closely involved in the development of the local healthtech and tech innovation ecosystem, which is driving significant changes both locally, regionally and nationally.

EP53: Following the recent acquisition of Medtech, Geoff has started putting into place his plans to transform the company, and along with it the primary health sector.  Back in episode 39 Geoff touched on what he has up his sleeve and now we're seeing the early phases of this plan being put into action.

Read more about ALEX here - https://nzhit.nz/news/transformation-never-by-halves. Check out his webpage for more info - https://medtechglobal.com/nz/and you can contact Scott directly at [email protected] check out the NZHIT website at https://nzhit.nz/Please make sure to subscribe to this podcast show, share with your friends and colleagues, leave a comment and provide a rating. This all helps to grow the show, spread the word and share the love far and wide!



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