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The winds of change are upon us and NZHIT members, and others, need to understand what these are, the impact they may cause, the opportunities and risks; and how to position to thrive rather than merely survive, or possibly even dive!

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Anil Thapliyal

Chief Executive, HealthTRx Limited

Executive Director, eMental Health International Collaborative

Adjunct Professor and eMental Health Lead, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, AUT

“eMental Health: do you truly know what itis? Can New Zealand’s digital health industry play its part to make a positive difference or remain on the sidelines?”

Anil Thapliyal is an international thought leader and entrepreneur in the field of health technology.  He is widely recognized for leading transformation in eMental Health domain through the application of innovative approaches seamlessly integrated within people’s care.

In particular, he is known for scalable implementation of digital technologies to improve access to care in mental health services which include significant programmes of work in NZ, Canada, Australia and the USA. He says "We must focus on the service user, their families and carers. If it does not work for them, then it does not work at all".  Some of the national and international governance roles he holds are:

·        Leadership Fellow, St George’s House, Windsor Castle, Berkshire, UK;

·        Trustee,Health Navigator Charitable Trust, New Zealand;

·        Member,eMental Health Section, World Psychiatric Association.

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