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In the current COVID-19 pandemic prior to and during the lock down period, New Zealanders were and are looking for credible and current information on healthcare support and providers across the country.


Healthpoint provides content rich information about clinical services giving patients and medical professionals an understanding of what the service provides, who is involved, their opening hours and how to best access the service.  


As testimony to the importance of this information for New Zealanders, Healthpoint recorded its highest number of monthly users at 552,566 in March 2020.

This content can not only be accessed freely online but Healthpoint has developed one of the first FHIR standard APIs in New Zealand allowing access to the content by third party applications, websites and health organisations that provide digital healthcare solutions to improve the lives of New Zealanders.


Healthpoint are very proud to have been able to help and assist such a large number of New Zealanders over this testing time and will continue to do this throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.



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Anna Arrol

Administration Assistant

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