Safer Internet Day, celebrated globally every February

Safer Internet Day, celebrated globally every February, is a day dedicated to promoting a safer online world. The internet’s pretty enticing these days – it’s remarkable how much of our lives we live online and how many priceless life hacks the internet offers.

Considering we spend much time there, we think it deserves a little attention, a home reno if you will. Unfortunately making the internet a more enjoyable place for all of us takes more than asking “Does this spark joy?”. But there are steps that we can all take to make the internet a safer place, and we’re hoping you’ll join us. Netsafe is the official organising committee in New Zealand. We’re encouraging everyone to join the kōrero in our communities and networks about how we can all strive for a safer internet.

Why does Safer Internet Day matter?

New Zealand’s internet consumption reached an all-time high in the past year. This has meant online harm has also increased – and that isn’t showing any indication of reducing.

Netsafe has witnessed scam loss reports increase by 69 percent, reports from educators skyrocket 58 percent, requests for help with digital parenting balloon 155 percent and notifications of objectionable material being supplied or distributed grow 66 per cent.

Because of these numbers, Netsafe is anticipating its most significant Safer Internet Day ever.



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