New Vaccination Cart from Ergotron Supports COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Inside and Outside of Clinics

The customisable vaccination medical carts enable caregivers to vaccinate large numbers of people efficiently and effectively. They are now available for purchase in New Zealand.

Ergotron announced their latest vaccination cart solution to support safe and efficient COVID-19 immunisation workflows. The mobile cart is easy to manoeuvre and has battery options for uninterrupted usage during lengthy shifts.

Like COVID-19 test sites, it is expected that the vaccine roll-out will be made accessible at locations nationwide such as general practice and community clinics, MIQ facilities, aged care centres and rest homes, public or private care hospitals and more.

As ‘pop-up’ COVID-19 immunisation sites are created to meet the mass demand, care providers that choose Ergotron vaccination carts can expect optimised workflows, and improved convenience and access to critical supplies for their vaccine administration workers.

The cart offers plenty of work surface area for vaccine preparation, can be fitted with a sharps container for safe disposal of syringes, as well as additional space for items such as a small cooler.

“Our new vaccination cart supports care providers as they work to distribute the vaccine in clinics and other spaces such as parking lots, vaccine drive-throughs and other offsite vaccination stations,” said Mark Brandenhoff, General Manager Healthcare at Ergotron. “We created this cart because we understand that vaccinating large populations of people requires equipment that’s easy to move, dependable and convenient.”

The carts’ adjustable height allows caregivers of a range of heights to create their personalised fit, and stay comfortable throughout their shift. Additionally, the carts’ flexible configuration options enable customisation to meet the needs of different workflows.

Built-in large swivel wheels make the carts easy to push around in any direction, and an optional LiFeKinnex™ hot swap battery or on-board battery gives caregivers more time to focus on the patients without worrying about power during a long shift.

The vaccination cart is now available from distributor Sektor Ltd, both off the shelf and on an order basis.

“We have brought these carts in as we can immediately see how they will enable healthcare providers to get through numerous vaccinations in a safe and efficient manner,” said Leanne Goff, Healthcare Business Development Manager at Sektor Ltd.

“The carts offer a well-designed workspace, are easily manoeuvrable and adaptable by the addition of accessories depending on what technology is required. Laptops, scanners, printers and other devices are all easily catered for. Best of all, once they are no longer required as vaccination carts, they are completely fit for purpose in other areas of the hospital or clinic.” 

The key benefits of the Ergotron vaccination cart to caregivers are:

Easy to move - Brings vaccination workflows outside clinic walls to non-traditional locations

Efficient workflows - Keeps critical supplies within reach for quick administration

Strategic spaces - Worksurface and front tray work for preparation or cooler storage

Accurate processes - Supports quick and precise tracking by adding a scanner

Infection control – Enables safe syringe disposal and sanitisation to help slow further spread

Extra storage - Drawer, tray and baskets keep vials and sharps out of the way yet accessible

Demand for the carts is expected to be high as vaccinations continue to increase in volume throughout New Zealand and the world. “We encourage DHBs and private practices to get in touch as soon as possible if they are interested in procuring these carts. We’ve already seen high demand in the U.S. and Australia and expect it to be similar here,” said Ms. Goff.

Ergotron is a global company focused on improving how people work, learn, play and care for others, distributed in New Zealand by Sektor Ltd. 

For more information visit or talk to Leanne Goff on 021 347 022 [email protected] for your customised immunisation cart requirements, or projects of 10+ units.



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