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Wait times in both Australia and New Zealand are too long and how patients are admitted for surgery hasn’t changed in decades. Unlike elsewhere, the process is unnecessarily antiquated and inefficient often relying on fax and mail.

 Surgeon’s rooms in Australia and New Zealand are not electronically connected to their hospitals. As a result, the rooms cannot begin the process of wait listing, scheduling, preparing patients and requesting admission for surgery without completing reams of paperwork and then they must rely on fax or post (some even require the patient to hand deliver it) to get this important and time sensitive information to the hospital. 

There is a lot of back and forth between hospitals and surgeon rooms as patients are scheduled (sometimes cancelled and rescheduled) and prepared for surgery. In Australia and New Zealand these communications are largely fax, telephone and even post based. Novari ATC gives the hospital and the surgeon’s rooms a secure electronic way of communicating with each other. Just the way we all do in our own work and personal lives. 

To address this, and other access to care challenges, Novari Health Pty Ltd. has opened an office in Sydney and has launched the Novari ATC™ surgical wait list management and electronic request for admission (eRFA) solution for Australia and New Zealand.  

In Australia in 2019-20 the time within which 90% of patients were admitted was 281 days and 2.8% waited more than 365 days for surgery (AIHW Elective Surgery Access 2019/20). Novari’s technology has been proven to reduce surgical wait times where it has been implemented and now it is available in Australia and New Zealand.  

The Novari surgical wait list technology is widely deployed in Canada at individual hospitals and across health regions.  It provides surgeon’s rooms, hospitals and local health districts with accurate real time data on the volume of patients queuing for surgery.  

The technology is offered as software as a service (SaaS) on the Australian Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.  Novari Health is Canada’s fastest growing digital health company and is committed to offering enterprise scale solutions that improve care for Aussies and Kiwis as it grows its business with hospitals and health regions across ANZ. 

Novari ATC integrates with hospital PAS and scheduling systems (e.g. Cerner, etc.). 

“The success of Novari’s suite of access to care solutions has propelled our growth.  The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the deployment of our technologies and our expansion of our presence in both Australia and New Zealand.” John Sinclair, CEO Novari Health Pty LTD. 

“In these challenging times with the backlog of surgery due to COVID-19, an efficient software system like that of Novari would provide considerable efficiencies and heightened safety. I have seen the results of this software in action in busy hospital settings and discussed its benefits with surgeons and administrative staff. I have no doubts it would considerably improve the surgical booking processes in many hospitals in Australia. Better for surgeons, better for hospitals, better for patients.” Donald MacLellan MD MBA FRACS.


About Novari

Novari Health designs, builds, and implements award-winning enterprise scale SaaS solutions that improve access to care, coordination of care, and the delivery of healthcare services. With offices in Australia, New Zealand & Canada, Novari has become one of the largest digital health solution providers. ISO 27001 certified, Novari Health is a Microsoft Partner, with solutions hosted on local Microsoft Azure data centres.

Gavin Meredith

For more information, please contact: 

Gavin Meredith

General Manager – Australasia

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