Medi-Map is now “Signature Exempt’

This quick update let's you know that using Medi-Map now enables the following -

1. Prescribers can produce e-Prescriptions from within Medi-Map (Create E-Script)

2. General medicine prescriptions don’t need to be signed (Endorsed ‘Signature Exempt’ automatically in the signature line when created in Medi-Map from the 1st of April 2020). This script can be downloaded and emailed to the pharmacy if necessary (in pdf).

3. These prescriptions are immediately available to the dispensing pharmacy linked to the patient. Medi-Map will also email a notification to the pharmacy to advise a new e-Script is available.

4. Controlled Drugs scripts still need an ink signature, (until advised by MOH), but Medi-Map can create these single page CD prescriptions.


This will allow for remote medicine management AND remote creation of eScripts from the single platform for all patients managed in Medi-Map NZ wide



Posted by

Anna Arrol

Administration Assistant

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