This weeks podcast - Telehealth Series Scott talks to Dr Martyn Harvey Emergency Consult

EP41: Pt 06 "Virtual-Telehealth Series" …

EP41: This is the 6th episode in our telehealth series of interviews and today's guest is Dr Martyn Harvey. Through his experience working in busy emergency clinics and his interest in technology and telehealth, Martyn has established Emergency Consult to provide immediate access to emergency doctors who have many years’ experience caring for acutely unwell and injured patients.  Martyn talks about complementing what is already on offer and using the telehealth platform to help get ahead of the demand curve.

More info on Emergency Consult can be found at and you can contact Scott on [email protected] and check out the NZHIT website at

EP41: Pt 06 "Virtual-Telehealth Series"‍



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