Introducing NZHIT eMental Health Industry Group (eMHIG) Chair

The eMHIG is representative of leading healthcare providers and digital health industry partners that provide or use software solutions related to the delivery of ‘eMental health and addiction services'.

It is an industry expert group that works collaboratively to provide leadership, strategic advice and guidance in the New Zealand health sector where it can be supported through eMental health solutions. Members of the eMHIG have the opportunity to be involved in cross-sector activities with health providers (i.e. DHBs, PHOs), policy-makers (MOH) and advisory bodies (e.g. eMental Health International Collaborative) to provide and receive up-to-date information and knowledge.

Introducing the new chair of NZHIT eMental Health Industry Group - Anna Elders

Anna has worked in mental health for the best part of two decades, initially as a mental health nurse before training as a Cognitive Therapist in the UK in 2005.

Following her return in 2009, Anna set up the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies to help raise the profile of CBT and ensure a solid network of support and training for clinicians in New Zealand. Anna is an honorary teaching fellow at the University of Auckland with a special interest in supporting the delivery of psychological interventions within the mental health workforce.

Anna joined the Wise Group this year as the Clinical Lead for their new e-CBT tool, Just a Thought and continues to practice clinically as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner for Tamaki Health PHO in Auckland. Anna is excited to participate in learning, collaborating and sharing knowledge in order to help grow the innovative landscape of e-mental health and addiction services in New Zealand.

For more information on this group please visit the NZHIT web page "Interest Groups"

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