NZHIT Welcomes new member Middleware

Middleware New Zealand (MWNZ) is a consultancy that focuses on providing independent,vendor- agnostic advice about middleware and secure integration.

We offer strategy & architecture services through to solution led design, product implementations, training and 24x7 customer support. We cover the breadth of integration and security, which underpins any cloud enablement initiative, and deal extensively with legacy modernisation initiatives.

Our core competencies are:

·     Integration & API services

·     Identity and access management services

·     Architecture and process consulting

·     Engineering support

The Integration and API Services practice delivers systems and capabilities, APIplatforms and associated APIs, which our Engineering support team then monitor and maintain 24x7.

Our Identity and access management practice specialises in information security,authentication and authorisation, providing both solutions and consultancy insecure integration and APIs.

The architecture practice offers architecture on demand through a team of experienced solution and enterprise architects and has helped a wide range of customers successfully achieve their desired business outcomes.

MWNZ is a trusted advisor to many of our customers, providing technology leadership,consulting services, coaching and mentoring. We have helped several customers establish an API channel, providing advice and guidance on organisational changes and technical considerations, including defining new account abilities and responsibilities, establishing governance structures, defining standards and guidelines. We also have a proven track record implementing new development practices and pipeline automation in support of continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD).

We have the skills and knowledge to design, build and support secure integration systems, plus the hands-on experience to bring best practice and lessons learned from similar implementations. MWNZ is not aligned to any one vendor, so we can provide balanced, impartial advice and can suggest solutions based on their match to an organisation’s requirements. 



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