This weeks podcast - Virtual-Telehealth Series" with Dr Richard Medlicott

EP46: Pt 10 "Virtual-Telehealth Series"

EP46: This is the 10th episode in our virtual-telehealth series with Dr Richard Medlicott as Scott's guest where they discuss the challenges faced at primary care level in New Zealand when all GPs had to close their doors and "go virtual" almost overnight in the first Covid-19 lockdown that commenced in March 2020.  Richard is a highly regarded GP with a busy practice in Wellington (NZ's capital city) as well having a high level of tech expertise, a former medical director at the Royal College of GPs and being actively involved in a number of digital health initiatives.

You'll enjoy this episode with Richard as he openly shares his knowledge and expertise along with his thoughts on the future of healthcare in this country as well as offshore.  For more information, resources, webinar recordings and much more please go to the NZ Telehealth Resource Centre website - As usual, you can contact Scott directly on and you can check out the NZHIT website at



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