Kensington Hospital Moves Roster and Payroll to Cloud with AMS Outsource

Kensington Hospital Moves Roster and Payroll to Cloud with AMS Outsource

Auckland 18 January, 2022: Kensington Private Hospital has moved its payroll and rostering into the cloud with AMS Pulse using the AMS Outsource service (AMSO).  It is the latest organisation to make the move to AMS cloud and immediately reap the benefits – including being one of the first in New Zealand to fully migrate ‘leave to weeks’ and ‘BAPSF to days’.  

According to Steve Soufflot, CEO of Kensington Hospital, the move backs the need for improved people management, with better controls, as the building of a new wing brings further growth:

“We put a lot of emphasis on patient care but looking after our people is equally important to us,”  he says.  “The move to AMS Pulse lets us get away from paper-based systems and effortlessly stay compliant.  As an AMSO customer we free up our admin resource and are well placed to grow as an organisation with expert core HR and payroll on tap.”

Kensington Hospital is just one of a growing number of AMS customers from the broader Health sector who are due to transition to an AMS Pulse cloud environment this year. According to AMS CEO, Joseph Yip, there are considerable benefits to be gained from having a single cloud-based solution to manage rostering and timesheets through to payroll.

AMS Pulse addresses pressing workforce issues

“We have designed AMS Pulse to address some of the most pressing issues facing the management of the health workforce in New Zealand,” Joseph Yip explains. “It means employees can log-in from anywhere, on any device, to access their rosters, timesheets and key employment details.  Updates can be notified, change-requests made - in real-time - and all with minimal human processing and zero paperwork involved.

“In then synching this end-to-end from rosters, to timesheets, to payroll – you get the greatest possible accuracy in connecting what someone worked, to what they are paid for. All with an auditable trail in between.”

Sustainable compliance

The move to the cloud has also enabled Kensington Hospital to move away from the investment required to resource and support the infrastructure and internal processes needed to manage its core HR function. Kensington Hospital has leveraged AMSO’s standard framework of the AMS Pulse platform, including Holidays Act compliance, for the basis of its configuration.  This includes ‘Leave in Weeks’ and BAPSF in days, as per current legislation requirements.

“Kensington Hospital will also continue to benefit from the software updates and new functionality developed and delivered for others in the health sector,” says Joseph Yip.  “It remains on the front-foot when it comes to regulatory changes and is well-placed to support its ongoing growth and development as an organisation.”

Kensington Private Hospital opened in 2001 and is located in Whangarei.  It has five operating theatres performing over 4,000 procedures per year for overnight and day-stay patients.  As a private hospital it is 40% owned by local surgeons and business supporters, with the balance of shares held by Healthcare Holdings Limited.

More information on AMS for the Health Sector can be found here.



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