Paper on the Efficacy of TXT2Remind Supported by Ministry of Health


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We are pleased to be sharing with you the outcomes of a research paper funded by the Ministry of Health, looking at the efficacy of TXT2Remind. The outcomes of this research paper indicate increased access to primary care services, especially for wellness and prevention. The abstract is detailed below. Further, please find attached the research paper for your perusal.


Efficacy of Vensa TXT2Remind in Reducing DNAs and Increasing Recall Follow-ups: Case Study Report: January 2014 to July 2016



TXT2Remind is a health message communication service that has beendesigned to improve access to primary care using appointment reminders andrecall text messages. There has been an overwhelming emphasis recently ontechnology in the health sector globally. Findings from literature hascorroborated the positive effects of technological innovations on healthoutcomes.

The current study evaluates the effectiveness of the health softwareTXT2Remind in the New Zealand healthcare context. In addition, the authors alsoexamine the variations in TXT2Remind and Medtech32 usage across 10 New Zealandbased General Practices. The findings of this study are as follows:


-    Integrating TXT2Remind into the general practice has beenshown to reduce unattended appointments (DNAs).

-    TXT2Remind, when integrated into the practice effectively, shows a significant increase in recall follow ups for CVD,diabetic screenings and cervical smear recalls.

-    By changing the way individuals receive their recalls,TXT2Remind has been able to aid early prevention and has led to improved health outcomes.


A special thank you to Karen Evison and Mairead Ross who made this possible. Our focus as a company is to scale the micro-system of innovations(practice by practice) across the entire system by partnering with health leaders regionally. This is the one of the ways by which we can drive effectiveness and move from a hospital based economy to a primary care economy, keeping people healthy, happy and out of hospitals.‍

News supplied by Ahmad Jubbawey Founder & CEO | Vensa Health

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Paper on the Efficacy of TXT2Remind Supported by Ministry of Health



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