Why do digital health startups keep failing?

The “move fast and break things” approach that works in tech doesn’t translate well to healthcare. Instead, digital health start ups should try need-driven innovation.

A decade ago, a wave of companies promised to transform people’s health by allowing them to track data about their eating, sleep,exercise, and other habits. One hot startup of that moment, Zeo, raised more than $30 million from investors to develop a headband that tracked users’ sleep patterns and an accompanying app to serve as their personal “sleep coach.”Despite devoted users and buzz about its product in publications like Wired and Popular Science, Zeo quietly went out of business a few years

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Why do digital health startups keep failing?

Written by BY PAUL YOCK

Dr. Paul Yock is a cardiologist, health technology innovator, and professor of medicine and bio engineering. In 2000, he founded the Byers Center for Bio design at Stanford University as a pioneering innovation training program dedicated to the design and development of medical technologies.



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