Kestral and Aceso engaging to enhance patient communications

Kestral, a leading software provider for Radiology systems throughout Australia and New Zealand announced it has signed a multiyear collaboration agreement with Aceso Health and Sorsix Technologies.  

Integrating the Kestral’s Karisma RIS with Snapscan, a cloud service that enables patients and referrers to book and schedule complex diagnostic appointments, in the same way one might book a restaurant or ticket to a concert. 
The collaboration delivers real time interoperability that dramatically enhances the experience for patients and providers in the health system.  
With more than 30 years’ experience in the development of radiology software solutions, Kestral is committed to bringing innovative, high quality solutions to the public and private health sector and has gained a reputation for truly caring about its clients.  
Aceso’s mission aligns with Kestral as both companies want to make the health experience more flexible for both the patient and provider.  
Aceso’s product, Snapscan powered by Sorsix technology, integrates seamlessly with Kestral’s RIS (Radiology Information System).  
The Snapscan Patient Online Booking system dramatically improves the experience for patients needing to book their healthcare imaging appointments by allowing patients the flexibility to book their appointments online through a radiology provider’s website.  
The patient simply chooses a date and time that suits them without needing to make a call to the radiology practice. The Snapscan booking system offers patients choice of practice location making the booking process easier and more convenient for patients. 
Referrers can also book appointments online while they are consulting with their patients in real time.
The Snapscan Patient Online Booking system gives referring doctors more certainty in knowing that their patients can have their imaging examinations and results in a timely manner.  
Matt Giddens, Kestral CEO says “Kestral has been providing radiology information system solutions to the industry for over thirty years. We know that by working with like-minded innovative suppliers we can address the challenges in the sector together”. 
“Aceso Health appreciates the collaboration with Kestral as we work together to improve the way care can be booked, scheduled and referred. We believe in collaboration and interoperability as the means to ensure that our combined customers deliver a better health experience for both the patient and provider.” – Gabe Rijpma - Aceso CEO 
Gabe Rijpma - Aceso CEO
“There are numerous process and integration points between the Kestral RIS and the Snapscan Patient Online Booking system that enable integration across settings of care.”  - Dalibor Frtunik – Head of Product – Aceso Health 
As the world moves to value-based care, health organisations need to ensure patient satisfaction evolve their service model from single patient interactions to supporting new communication channels enabling delivery of care pathways across the multiple silos of health. 
This requires easy to use, seamless integration with meticulous software that manages multiple clinical transactions across referral and medical system platforms.  
All this while ensuring specialists and resources can continue to deliver patient services using electronic communication technology to provide better medical outcomes to patients.  
Collaboration between the development teams at Aceso Health and Kestral delivers smarter integration solutions to ensure our customers can work better together to enable new models of care and ultimately raise the bar on the health system we have today.



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