DXC Healthcare Solutions to assist with COVID-19

As COVID-19 increasingly impacts the day to day lives of everyone, we are acutely aware of the additional demands on front-line health administrators and clinicians. DXC is currently working with health agencies locally, in China, Italy and other countries, delivering digital solutions specifically targeting the management of COVID-19.

    Free additional software usage to address COVID-19 

    The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting everyone. DXC understands that hospitals will need to make rapid changes to the configuration of their wards and beds during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals may need to temporarily exceed the number of beds currently licenced for. We will therefore allow you, in good faith, to configure additional capacity within existing systems at no additional charge. Usage of the software will be subject to the terms of your existing agreement and the license will be valid for 180 days.  For EDIS/ORMIS users, specific license keys are required to facilitate a bed increase. DXC and OMNIS are collaborating on this process to provide free license codes and support our mutual customers. 

    To make use of this offer,you must contact your DXC representative and register your usage. They will then ensure your agreement is amended and any required sub-licensing is in place. 

      Citizen engagement, home monitoring and quarantine    platform to help address COVID-19 in Australia and New Zealand

      Based on the successful solution deployed in Italy, DXC in partnership with Dedalus, are quickly making health agencies in Australia and New Zealand aware of this solution. Using mobile device technology, the platform is able to quickly reach and engage an entire population to capture details and understand the health status of individuals in accordance with published COVID-19 assessment protocols. 

      The Control Centre console with dashboards enables the COVID-19 clinical and operational teams to review and filter real time information from citizen questionnaires and to send notifications to health units to activate specific pathways. Where recommended care pathways result in self isolation or quarantine, functionality in the platform can be turned on to activate quarantine management, home monitoring and care coordination.



      This solution is currently running in Italy to gather data on the Italian population and in turn monitor in real-time quarantine citizens confined to home. 


      Healthcare Surveillance, monitoring and analytics    platform to address COVID-19 in Australia and New Zealand 

      Based on the successful solution deployment in Guiyang, China, this COVID-19 Surveillance, Monitoring and Analysis Platform taps  into healthcare data within the EMR or PAS, which is then indexed, to provide a range of reports that aggregate, analyses and visualize data from the various population health systems for COVID-19. Including; monitoring and analysis of hospital medical data, patient distribution and mapping analysis,predictive analysis of COVID-19, information collection for suspected and confirmed cases & family relationship mapping of patients. ​

       This DXC solution is currently running in Guiyang, China (Guizhou province, 7 million citizens) and has helped the local government supervisors to access timely and comprehensive information to enable the correct actions and responses to prevent the spread of the virus.

        Robots to minimize patient contact, protect clinical staff and improve epidemic management 

        At the Shenzhen Third People's Hospital in China,sick people arriving to be checked for the corona virus are greeted by a robot to significantly reduce the chances of clinical staff getting the virus. The robot takes the person’s temperature and then directs them to the appropriate location in the hospital depending on the reading. Robots are capable of speaking 26 languages and can provide citizens with the latest information on the corona virus or conduct a virtual consultation with a doctor. In addition, the robot is able to disinfect areas in the hospital with up to a centimeter accuracy, monitor the temperatures of up to 15 people at once and up to 200 people per minute.   

        In an effort to support healthcare agencies to improve their epidemic management initiatives, DXC is working with our UB Tech partner to bring the AIMBOT to Australia and New Zealand. 

        Here is a video presenting how this technology is currently used at the Shenzhen Third People's Hospital in China:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8QPcTUB9O4

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