Transforming the way the world moves life-changing supplies.

Swoop Aero, the Australian aeromedical logistics provider, brings logistics into the 21st century by deploying two-way drone networks. They are making access to the air seamless and have been trusted by organisations such as UNICEF and UKAID to transform the way the world moves essential supplies.

Swoop Aero is enabling on-demand healthcare with aeromedical logistics. In doing so, we are improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

New Zealand and Medical Drone Delivery

Medical drone networks remain an innovative and dynamic way to modernise the last mile in medical commodity deliveries, bridge the gaps in access, and enable a community- based approach to healthcare delivery and primary care. In the case of Christchurch, where roads and critical infrastructure are still in the process of being rebuilt to enable the timely and safe delivery of quality healthcare; drones offer a safe, reliable and sustainable substitute. Medical drone networks have the ability to efficiently complement existing healthcare initiatives, such as the acute demand management system.

This is due to five core focus points:

  • There are no time delays or lags in the provision of medications, which can be coordinated with routine consultations, and delivered to any geographical point within 60 minutes of deployment.
  • Reduction in the number of visits to health facilities to obtain appropriate medication or drop off samples, test and pick up results
  • Reduction in fuel consumption and emissions to transport goods, which represents a cost-saving to the patient and supplier
  • Drones reduce the distribution costs associated with healthcare and medical deliveries, including halving wage bills of commuting health professionals as well as maintenance costs associated with the sustained use of ground transportation.
  • Reduction of human interaction in the supply chain reducing the likelihood of transmission of any communicable disease is kept to a minimum.

We are ready to transform the New Zealand health system and improve access to healthcare where and when it is needed.

Check out their amazing webpage and see what the future holds!



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