Advantage NZ hires former head of IT Property Brokers

Jeremy McClure formerly Head of IT at Property Brokers, joins IT services provider Advantage New Zealand as Manager of the Security Operations Centre (SOC), After 20 years of assisting Property Brokers to become a nationally significant force in real estate with over 80 locations and 900 people.

Jeremy says “While Property Brokers will always have a place in my heart, it was important for me to find a new challenge, Property Brokers have systems that scale, the right people and capability along with their key partners that will bode them very well for the future".

"I have been very fortunate to find a role working with people that I respect and have known personally for many years, Advantage care about their customers and value the partnerships they create becoming an extension of the business, their support of the local community, and involvement with non-profit organisations supporting them also fits well with my own values”.

“Cyber security is an aspect of IT that is growing exponentially along with an exposed surface area. While there is no silver bullet there are things that can be done to mitigate many common threats and the Team at Advantage have the people, relationships, and tools to assist with this”.



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