Member News: Advantage Imperva selected by Tower for Application Security

Seeking to continue and improve support granularity and flexibility

Insurance companies, like many other organisations, are vulnerable to web application attacks because of the high volume of sensitive data that passes back and forth between stakeholders.

Tower’s previous service for monitoring website traffic was to a certain extent, a black box for the security team and the company. “People in the organization had visibility of real-time security events being generated by web traffic but not at the granular level we wanted”, stated Darren Beattie, Security Lead at Tower.

Due to the fast-paced rollout of Tower’s digital first insurance services across multiple geographies, additional requirements for Tower’s future WAF capability were identified to include:

  • Real-time visibility of web traffic (good and bad)
  • Advanced protection capabilities (e.g., Bot and DDoS protection)
  • Self-service capabilities for non-security teams
  • SIEM Integration patterns for logging and alerting
  • Straightforward Pricing models for modular capabilities
  • Ease of configuration & implementation
  • A credible delivery partner and locally based product expertise

With these additional requirements, Tower took the opportunity to look at alternative solutions to monitor website traffic, stop attacks, and ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Click to read the full case study from Advantage New Zealand



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Liam McLeavey

Operations Manager

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