Member News: GPs get efficiency tool for monitoring patients

GPs get efficiency tool for monitoring patients

As Omicron takes hold in the community, GPs have a new online tool to help them keep track of patients’ symptoms remotely.

Manage My Health has added My Health Diary to its suite of functions. What it means is patients can go online and fill out information boxes about their symptoms.

Their healthcare provider gets real time access to their observations and visualizations of the trends of their symptoms. Based on the information about blood pressure, oxygen levels (all self-monitored) and things like fever or headache or pains, the healthcare provider can then decide what to do.

Vino Ramayah, CEO of Manage My Health, says the tool has been developed together with healthcare professionals.

“It is an extension of the work we have been doing with St Bart’s Hospital in London for the past two years,” Mr. Ramayah says. “At St Bart’s, cardiologists have been running a virtual clinic with heart patients using the same model.”

Manage My Health is currently developing phase two of My Health Diary to integrate with multiple health devices to enable patients to be monitored at home by healthcare providers.



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Liam McLeavey

Operations Manager

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