Te Pūnaha Seminar – Empowering precision health through data science

November 1, 2018
1 - 2.30pm
Meeting room G.02, MBIE offices, 15 Stout Street, Wellington


How can data science enable people to live longer,healthier lives, while creating savings for health providers?  


The Precision Driven Health (PDH) partnership, established in March 2016, is one of the most ambitious data science research initiatives to be undertaken in New Zealand. The partnership unites our health IT sector with health providers and universities to create health and commercial opportunities for New Zealanders. Supported by MBIE’s Partnerships scheme, PDH will invest $38m over seven years in  applying new data science techniques to understand the massive volume of data that an individual generates across systems including health information systems, consumer devices, social networks, and genomics.  

Now in its third year, PDH has invested in 50 projects, supporting 99 researchers including academics, students and industry. Some of these have led to prototype apps for vital signs monitoring and discharge management, chat bots, growth charts and stroke outcome prediction. Others have involved pilot studies that have saved lives, such as precision screening for abdominal aortic aneurisms. The PDH team were awarded the Research & Business Partnership Award at the Kiwi Net Awards in 2017.

This presentation will describe some of the partnership’s success stories to date, highlighting how New Zealand’s research, health and commercial sectors are leading the world. Presentations will be made by Dr Kevin Ross, GM Precision Driven Health and Dr Michael O'Sullivan, Research Leader at Precision Driven Health.

You're welcome to attend this seminar and do not need to pre-register - just go to the MBIE offices on 15 Stout Street, Wellington and go to meeting room G.02 (ask at reception if unsure).

Contact Kevin Ross :[email protected] or +64 (0)27 771 2337 for further information about this event or to enquire about PDH

Dr Kevin Ross

General Manager of Precision Driven Health

Dr Michael O’Sullivan

Research Leader at Precision Driven Health

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