Sysmex’s Eclair and COVID-19 Patient Data

Digital health and diagnostic technology company, Sysmex New Zealand,are working with healthcare providers on ways they can assist during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Solutions available right now for organisations using Sysmex’s clinical information system, Eclair 7.4, involve the use of Custom Lists and Clinical Forms, base modules available in the system.  

A clinical form can be created in Eclair to capture clinical and epidemiological criteria to assess a patient for COVID-19 testing, e.g. travel history and clinical symptoms. Data captured is available when reviewing laboratory results for each patient. 

A custom list can be built to view a complete picture of how many patients have had COVID-19 tests, all SARSCov2 results, plus other diagnostic data for ongoing patient monitoring. Data can be easily shared via csv or xls file with relevant health authorities such as the New Zealand Ministry of Health for statistical reporting, 

Sysmex New Zealand are offering to help existing Eclair customers implement the clinical form and a simple COVID-19 case list at no cost.



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