Webinar: Telehealth - building a lasting service post-crisis

October 14, 2020

Wednesday 14th October, 12.00 noon to 1.00pm


During national lockdowns due to Covid-19 there was a rapid move to telehealth to provide continuity of care to patients. This gave clinicians and patients a chance to experience telehealth with surveys showing a positive response.  In order to capitalise on this new openness to change, organisations need to invest in suitable telehealth technology and the digital systems and processes that enable a quality telehealth service to be routinely offered and delivered to patients.

This webinar explores the cultural shift that occurred due to the pandemic and how to make telehealth a sustainable choice for patients and health professionals going forward. 

Panel participants are:

  • Ruth Large, Clinical Director  Information Services and Virtual Healthcare, Waikato DHB
  • Lisa Livingstone, Registered Nurse,  Nelson Marlborough DHB
  • Samantha Murton, President, The Royal   New Zealand College of General Practitioners
  • Meg McKeown, Medical Director, Moreton Group Medical Services
  • Jacqueline Canessa, Senior Clinical  Medical Lead, St Vincent's Correctional Health
  • Webinar facilitated  by Rebecca McBeth, HiNZ News Editor

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