FHIR for Implementers in New Zealand - one-day workshop in Christchurch

August 29, 2019


You need to attend this one-day workshop if you're planning, undertaking or want to know more about FHIR implementation.

HL7 FHIR is the healthcare interoperability standard that has achieved global recognition.

It is also endorsed locally by the New Zealand Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO), along with SNOMED, as the national terminology standard.


The Ministry of Health is fully behind this initiative, prescribing FHIR as the primary interface to the nHIP programme, and with projects underway to add FHIR interfaces to the NHI and the HPI. 

This free workshop is sponsored by the Ministry of Health to help increase implementer knowledge about FHIR. There is no charge for you to attend BUT you must register quick as numbers are limited to 30 attendees.


This full day workshop is being held in Christchurch on Thursday 29th August 2019 and will be delivered by Dr David Hay.  David has been involved with FHIR from the very beginning and is currently a co-chair of the FHIR Management Group and HL7NZ Chair emeritus. 

It is intended for anyone who is planning, undertaking or wants to up their game when it comes to FHIR implementation.  It is particularly for - developers, clinicians, consumer representatives, project managers or any other member of the implementation team.   

You do not need previous experience with FHIR. 

This will be an interactive workshop.  You’ll be able to get hands-on in a supportive environment so will need to bring your laptop (you just need a modern browser, such as chrome, installed). 

The workshop’s programme will be published closer to the time, but the following is an overview of what you’ll be involved with on the day –

  • The morning session will include an overview of FHIR, explore more advanced topics like profiling and terminology then review the tooling available to help understand how FHIR is used to represent real scenarios, and exchange information.
    • This will lead you into the afternoon session where you’ll dig deeper into the technical aspects of building FHIR clients and servers with a deep dive into the RESTful interface,  including security aspects such as SMART.
      • You’ll be able to play in a sample ecosystem that includes prototypes of the NHI & HPI interfaces as well as conformance, data, terminology and authentication servers.
        • You’ll also have time for exercises to show just how easy it is to build with FHIR (you’ll need an IDE of some sort, or a REST client, for these).  

        The workshop will wrap up at the end of the day with a discussion on the next steps - how can we realise the patient-centered ecosystem in New Zealand. 

        This event is limited to 30 people.

        Ground Floor Meeting Room, Ground floor, University of Otago, Christchurch , 2 Riccarton Ave Christchurch.


        Thanks to -

        Ministry of Health for sponsoring this event

        NZHIT as the organisers

        HL7NZ for their on-going support and promotion of interoperability standards

        David Hay

        Consultant specialising in HL7 FHIR


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