September 16, 2020

In recent times I’ve been commenting on the need for the sector to move from talking about the things that need to be changed to actually getting on with the job of transforming the health technology sector to a state of full enablement of healthcare delivery.  This is the only way that we are going to be able to support the creation of a world class health system for everyone living in New Zealand.

We know that this needs to happen and the only way to turn talk into action is to unify ourselves around a common set of problems that, when solved, will create the opportunities needed to achieve full enablement.

There are three questions to ask ourselves –

Answering yes to these questions leads us to working out a way in which we collaborate on taking action to solve these problems – collaboraction!

To do its part in contributing to the leadership required for collaboraction to occur, NZHIT has commenced the development of the New Zealand HealthTech Opportunities Report.  The intent of this report is to achieve a positive, united and collaborative call to action that is opportunities focused and identifies key challenges preventing or slowing progress.

Most of us already know what the problems are.  Now is the time to identify and focus on the most challenging of those problems, why they must be solved, how they will be solved and what benefits will be gained as a result of solving them together.  

Whilst this is an industry supported initiative it is certainly not exclusive to industry alone and can only be successful through the involvement, engagement and commitment of a cross-sector approach.

Released by the end of this year, the goal of this report is that it will identify the opportunities to be created, the main calls to action that will open up these opportunities and the related working groups to collaboract on making great things happen.

There will be more information to come but now is the time to get involved so you’re part of shaping the future of health tech in this country and contributing to our goal of having a world class health system for all New Zealanders.

You can access an overview of this report here and you’ll see the commitments already made by industry partners, the Ministry of Health and more to come.

Simply get in touch with me if you want more information and would like to be involved in whatever capacity you’re able to contribute. You maybe in a position to participate as a project partner at a level that suits you best or you may want to be involved in the engagement process to assist with building a strong, fact-based report that leads to positive changes through collaboraction.

I know that some will be thinking that we’ve already got enough reports and it’s up to ‘someone else’ to fix the problems.  That is a fair enough view if you’re comfortable with waiting for things to be done to you then you’ll adapt accordingly.

Shaping the future requires a different approach and we must take advantage of the current momentum generated during the pandemic to create a real catalyst for transformation.

Scott can be contacted on [email protected] or +64 21 414631

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