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If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, maybe you’re on the contraceptive pill or have asthma, you’ll know how annoying it can be picking up repeat medicine from your pharmacy. Well, thanks to a radical new approach being taken by innovative pharmacists in Auckland, picking up your prescription is no longer a pain.
It’s called ZOOM and it’s a revolutionary new type of pharmacy that doesn’t need you to come in and pick up your repeats. It’s specifically designed to send them direct to you.
Take one look inside ZOOM HQ in downtown Auckland and you’ll soon see what makes this pharmacy so unique. It’s not the modern interior nor the handful of young(ish) pharmacists busy working alongside massive dispensing robots. It’s the complete absence of customers.
“That’s the whole point”, says Managing Director, David Taylor. “ZOOM’s not a traditional ‘walk in’ pharmacy. There’s no front counter or sales people. Think of it more like a high tech medicine delivery service that sends your medicines direct”.
High tech or not, with ZOOM, you’re in control and it’s all done via an app on your mobile phone. Just tell your doctor you want to ZOOM your repeats, download the app and you’ll be up and running in no time. That includes deliveries, reminders when to take your medicine, ZOOM even coordinates your repeats.
“It’s like having a pharmacy on your phone”, says Taylor. “It makes healthcare heaps easier”.
So if you’ve had enough of stressful, time consuming trips to the local pharmacy or even trawling through online pharmacy sites, it might be time to ZOOM it! At the touch of a button you’ll find an easier, more modern way to get medicines.
To get ZOOM, ask your doctor for your next prescription to be sent to ZOOM.

To learn more about ZOOM Pharmacy or download the App click here www.zoompharmacy.co.nz.

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