Waikato DHB joins the Healthpoint community

Waikato DHB joins the Healthpoint community to profile primary care, hospital, community health and social services throughout their region

In 2019 Waikato DHB published The Waikato Health System Plan, Te Korowai Waiora, a 10 year plan which will put the strategy of Healthy people, Excellent care and the Iwi Māori Health Strategy, Ki te Taumatao Pae Ora, into action.

The plan is a pathway to meet the challenges of the future and to have a Waikato health system that works for their communities. It will focus their work on what is needed to support the people of the Waikato to improve their health, make services easier to use and improve the way services are provided over the next 10 years.

The plan puts people at its heart and identifies actions the Waikato health system can take to work as one cohesive, integrated, and coordinated health sector that involves the community and whānau/families in planning and delivery.  

Central to the plan is to develop resources that inform whānau/families about where to go for advice and services at a locality level; to obtain, process and understand health information and services to make informed choices and self-manage their health and wellbeing; and access to bilingual, culturally appropriate information to support health literacy, self-management and equity.

Easier consumer access to information about services is identified as an enabler of access, choice, and improved outcomes and a central, compelling reason for choosing Healthpoint as an important solution in the successful delivery of The Waikato Health System plan.

Over the coming weeks Healthpoint will work across the seven Waikato localities to support providers to profile and publish rich, comprehensive information about who and where they are, the services they provide and how to access them.

Waikato DHB’s partnership with Healthpoint will ensure Waikato communities have greater visibility of the health and social services available, enabling them to better manage their own care needs and choices and, ultimately, support improved health outcomes and equity.

With the profiling of many services in the Waikato, the general public will be accessing Healthpoint as their main source to find healthcare services.



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