Vensa Health building out its relationship with Medtech Global by joining ALEX Partnership Programme

The platform including Patient Portal and TXT2Remind is currently compatible with Medtech32 and will be available for Medtech Evolution.

AUCKLAND, NZ, April 28, 2021.

Award-winning health solutions company Vensa Health has strengthened its relationship with New Zealand’s largest General Practice PMS provider, Medtech, by joining its ALEX Partnership Programme. The partnership will accelerate Vensa’s products to support primary care providers to increase their capacity through automation, and provide patients with more convenient access to care. Vensa's roadmap for wellness services will support public health outreach such as child immunisations, screenings and the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout.

Vensa Health's Founder & CEO, Ahmad Jubbawey, says: “We’re excited by this partnership and the framework Geoff (CEO Medtech) and his team have laid out for industry innovation. Primary care has some large hurdles in front of it, such as workforce shortage, burnout, equity, affordability and accessibility for all New Zealanders. Vensa's cloud-based systems already allows appointments to be booked online in real-time; repeat prescriptions to be ordered and paid for online; and secure patient access to personal health records such as lab results and health summaries. These applications are enabled by infrastructure we have created in digital identity, privacy and security, and interoperability. These programs of work will empower Kiwis to be at the centre of their health information from multiple health providers using different systems.” 

Interoperability is required for the whole industry to grow and solve complex problems for patients and providers.

Jubbawey says, “Our innovations require strong interoperability with PMS systems, and this partnership will enable Vensa to bring its products to all MedTech’s PMS systems, MedTech32 and Evolution. But more importantly, take a step towards inviting industry collaboration and innovation for which NZ is missing. Industry leaders should take note.”

Vensa first demonstrated the success of its innovative technology with TXT2Remind which is used by 60% of GP practices across New Zealand to deliver health messages and appointments to over 2.8 million Kiwis a year. Over the past decade more than 55 million messages have been delivered via TXT2Remind.  

The TXT2Remind and the platform is currently compatible with Medtech32 and will be available for Medtech Evolution. The companies will look at further integration opportunities such as advanced forms to make the workflow seamless for providers.

Vensa Health's Sarah Thiessen (VP Practice Success & Innovation) says the organisation is excited by what we can do to support mutual GP customers with this partnership and our upcoming product releases.

“For us it’s building a new relationship with Medtech that will benefit our customers and their teams. It’s great to see Medtech being an advocate of interoperability and taking on that industry leadership role.” she says.

Medtech’s Partnership Programme allows authorised third-party apps to securely integrate through FHIR APIs into Medtech 32 and Medtech Evolution software. Medtech is leveraging Microsoft’s existing Azure FHIR software to enable the integration. The program of work known as ALEX (Application Layer EXchange) is being driven by Medtech’s CEO and Managing Director, Geoffrey Sayer.

Geoffrey says “The Partnership Programme will support the next wave of innovation coming through. It really provides a platform of innovation, which is only facilitated through an integrated approach. We’re excited to welcome Vensa on-board, being a national provider of TXT2Remind and with an innovation pathway on patient portal.”

Find out more about Vensa's innovation roadmap through Vensa’s 10 year vision plan



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