Vaccine Clinic Staff Rostering Module Launching in the Bay's

Wellington, NZ: A proudly New Zealand made Vaccine Clinic Staff Rostering Module has launched at District Health Boards in the Bay of Plenty, with the Hawkes Bay following shortly on June 8th.

The District Health Boards have selected the Core Schedule Vaccine Clinic Staff Rostering Module, which is also used for clinical team roster management in other departments.
The module will support the Covid-19 vaccination programme management with the ability to manage both DHB and non DHB staff, across multiple sites and will centrally co-ordinate the rosters across clinics in the region.
 “The initial response has been fantastic. The fact that these clinics can actually include both DHB and non-DHB staff in Core Schedule has given them the flexibility they need to be able to adapt in these ever-changing environments.” - Dr Stephen C. Pool, (CEO and Founder |Core Schedule).  
The Vaccine Clinic Staff Rostering Module allows DHBs to load their staff into locations centrally and enable the COVID Response Operations Managers and Nurse Managers to create, publish and manage rosters concurrently with information and communications being updated in real time.
The BOP team are familiar with Core Schedule, having worked with them for their CBAC sites where it saved time and headaches. This resulted in them being awarded the Vaccine Clinic work.
Core Schedule works seamlessly with other integral programmes and departments like payroll and has risk mitigation features to ensure safe working conditions and MECA compliance. This ensures that when changes happen, all rosters remain compliant and all positions are filled with the right skill mix whether that be an RN, vaccinator, or a booking admin support.
Proudly celebrating this exciting milestone, the Wellington Core Schedule team continue their mission to keep New Zealand safe during the COVID pandemic. 
About Core Schedule - 
Core Schedule is the leading provider of a suite of cloud-based work roster tools for staff in emergency departments, hospitals, medical training programs, and urgent care clinics.
It was designed by Dr. Stephen C. Pool (MD FACEM) to solve the unique problems of rostering medical personnel and now is used by hospitals, telehealth services, and clinics around the world. 

For more about Core Schedule's Vaccine Clinic Rostering Module, click here...

For more about Core Schedule, click here...



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