UbiQuity - Multi-channel marketing

Brilliantly simple marketing automation technology. Make your messaging more personal, relevant and powerful with UbiQuity.

Up your game with sophisticated, highly personalised, multi-channel communications. With UbiQuity, a single platform delivers multiple solutions across Email, TXT, Push and Social.

Elevate the personalisation and targeting of your email marketing for more relevant messaging. Take advantage of the immediacy of the mobile channel. Allow your customers to respond and engage by TXT. Use the latest in social marketing, such as Facebook Custom Audiences and Messenger Bots.

Build a better picture of new and existing customers through fully integrated Forms, Surveys, Web Tracking and Event registration processes. Capture deeper insights through feedback, NPS surveys and engagement quizzes.

Everything you learn about your customer from multiple sources is stored in a centralised database. It's a treasure trove you can harness to create personalised and relevant customer experiences.

CLICK this link for more information https://www.qrious.co.nz/engage/ubiquity



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