Transformation: Never by Halves

In a ground-breaking move, Medtech Global, the largest provider of GP practice management systems in New Zealand, has launched a new partnership programme to allow third-party applications to integrate through FHIR APIs into its PMS software.

The initiative know as ALEX (Application Layer EXchange) is being driven by Medtech’s new CEO and Managing Director, Dr Geoffrey Sayer.

“ALEX brings leading innovation for Medtech users and stakeholders in delivering safe, secure and scalable interoperability for information exchange.” Dr Sayer stated.

Medtech will leverage Microsoft’s existing Azure FHIR software to allow authorised third-party applications to securely integrate into Medtech 32 and Medtech Evolution practice management systems in both New Zealand and Australia.

The seriousness and scale of the work involved is shown by the technical partners already involved with the expanded Medtech Team: Microsoft, Umbrella, SQL Services, Aura, HL7 New Zealand and Odin Health. The simple intention is to deliver:

Secure and scalable integration service, providing industry standard HL7 FHIR connectivity into Medtech PMS platforms.

Enterprise-grade API presentation and security based on Microsoft Platform-as-a-Service technology.

Event-based integration, flexibly scaling the resources required to connect into the Medtech PMS landscape enabling better performance of host application.

Built on existing encrypted connectivity foundations.

The standards community has also shown its support with Peter Jordan, HL7 New Zealand Chair working with the team to ensure a standard based approach for interoperability.

“From a standards perspective, it’s extremely pleasing to see the use of APIs based on HL7® FHIR® as part of an inclusive solution that will facilitate a health information exchange platform for primary care data. It is also heartening to see the formation of a community of industry partners who are both willing and able to work together towards the greater goal of improving healthcare outcomes for all consumers via data interoperability.” Mr Jordan said.

The programme is also great news for third-party providers who have already come on board.

So far these include:

Webtools Health

Heartbeat Health



Well Revolution


Houston Productivity Solutions







“I really appreciate the interest, transparency, and guidance our partners have provided over the past several months. The goal from the outset was a collaborative approach where we work alongside our partners to offer improved functionality, security, performance, support, and promotion to end users of our systems.” Dr Sayer said.

The existing certified Medtech integrations with partners like Manage My Health and BPAC will continue to function as normal, but the new program opens up opportunities for all applications for innovation for their users.

“Ultimately our focus with ALEX is improving the wider health ecosystem to ensure better health outcomes for patients, increased security for health information and greater efficiencies for our medical practices.

The new functionality for the API is expected to go live early next year for New Zealand users, and shortly after for Australian users.


EP39: Geoff doesn't do things by halves as he believes in transformation rather than preserving the status quo.  Having led the acquisition process of MedTech Global, Geoff is now leading that organisation into a new future. In this episode he shares key parts of his journey and vision for building a strong relational-based, collaborative and innovative digital health business focused on meeting their GP customer's needs now and into the future.



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