“Traceable Pro” App Launched - Secure, Private Contact Tracing Tool for Businesses

Traceable Pro, a new online app, has been launched to enable businesses to easily and securely capture contact information of visitors, customers and staff. 

The Ministry of Health has identified contact tracing as vital to eliminating Covid-19.  Level 2 enables many parts of the economy to reopen, but the need for social distancing and contact tracing systems remains.  This has left many businesses struggling to create new systems and procedures in order to operate. 

Christchurch-based Webtools Health has announced the launch of a new secure mobile app which supports businesses to contact trace digitally. 

Businesses can now easily and efficiently capture key information of anyone entering a site or using a service.  Visitors scan their ID and add their email or phone number in case tracing is needed.  Traceable Pro has been developed as a smartphone app which means it will be able to work off-line; particularly useful for sites in many areas of New Zealand and something many organisations expressly asked for, according to Harry Hawke, CEO of Webtools Health.    

Security Is Priority

This data is encrypted and stored securely.  The records are only accessible for contract tracing purposes. 

Businesses seeking to establish contact-tracing in order to comply with requirements have often used paper-based, or ad hoc solutions which have often been inefficient and are not using privacy and security best-practices. 

Hawke explains,  

“A key consideration for us in developing this app was to provide an effective solution while giving organisations and their users true confidence about data privacy. 

We’ve implemented multiple measures and safeguards to ensure data security is achieved.”  

Customer Feedback is Positive 

Two versions of the app have been developed - one has been specifically built for large, corporate businesses operating across multiple locations, with staff and visitors that come and go.  A free version is available for single-site businesses.   

Webtools Health is also offering free licenses of the software to charities. 

A number of organisations have already implemented Traceable Pro and are now able to safely operate under government guidelines. 

Christchurch City Council COVID-19 Incident Team Manager, Mary Richardson says the Traceable Pro app has allowed the Council to reopen their public facilities with confidence that it can meet the requirements for contact tracing. 

“We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to work with a local technology company on a contact tracing solution that will work across all our facilities and is easy for our customers to use. 

“We’re a large organisation that operates from multiple sites and that has staff and visitors coming and going all the time.”  

To find our more information businesses should visit https://www.traceable.mobi/ or speak to their Spark NZ contact. 



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