This weeks podcast - Eric Peck co-founder & CEO of Swoop Aero also Geoff Sayer, MD of Acclivis Group

Eric Peck, co-founder and CEO of Swoop Aero

Based out of Melbourne, Australia; Eric talks about their work in the context of a life's mission to build the future infrastructure needed to give everyone access to on-demand healthcare. He takes us from his time as a pilot in the Australian airforce through to starting up Swoop Aero and how they are truly applying an innovative and ground breaking approach when it comes to transforming how essential supplies are safely deployed using drones.  Even to the extent of 3D printing the drones themselves!

You'll be fascinated by this episode and can check them out at and can contact Scott on or go to our website at

EP37: Eric Peck, co-founder and CEO of Swoop Aero

Geoff Sayer, MD of Acclivis Group

Geoff doesn't do things by halves as he believes in transformation rather than preserving the status quo.  Having led the acquisition process of MedTech Global, Geoff is now leading that organisation into a new future. In this episode he shares key parts of his journey and vision for building a strong relational-based, collaborative and innovative digital health business focused on meeting their GP customer's needs now and into the future.

MedTech's website can be found here - and you can contact Scott on [email protected] and check out the NZHIT website at

EP39: Geoff Sayer, MD of AcclivIs Group



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