This weeks new podcasts - Lloyd McCann, Marian Johnson and Shayne Hunter

Join Scott in a chat with Lloyd McCann, Marian Johnson and Shayne Hunter

EP 12: “Launching the HealthTech Supernode Challenge"

Marian Johnson, Chief Awesome Officer at the Ministry of Awesome announces the launch of this fantastic innovations award programme that is now open for applications from the 29th of June 2020.

EP 13: “The H&D System Review Report & much more with Lloyd McCann"

Lloyd is the CEO & Head of Digital Health at Mercy Radiology-Healthcare Holdings Ltd and was a member of the NZ H&D System Review Panel. He shares his thoughts on the recommendations from the report, the importance of digital health tech plus those things that have been keeping him busy during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Shayne is the Deputy Director General for Data & Digital at the MOH.  He takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk about a range of topics from the pandemic response, the H&D System Review report, the important areas to be focussing on now & his vision for the future of digital health in New Zealand.



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