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Child Cancer Foundation is a New Zealand wide charity that offers support to children with cancer and their families.

They aim to ensure children and their families are supported, informed and well cared for on their journey with cancer. Child Cancer Foundation directly supports all children diagnosed with cancer and their families along with those suffering a bereavement.

The Foundation gives personalised support to each family through a one-to-one connection –someone who can help guide them every step of the way, now and in the future.They help with the big things like emotional, social and practical support, but also the little things families have probably never even thought about. Most importantly, Child Cancer Foundation provides strength in times of doubt,comfort in times of sadness and celebration in times of joy.

Every family is different and so is the support they receive. Some examples of the support families receive are listed:   

·        Family support Coordinator

·        Essential Care Kit

·        Travel Assistance

·        Holiday Homes

·        Respite Care

·        Personal Development Grants

·        Household Support

·        Support in the Community

·        Child Cancer Research

·        Family Places

With the efforts from Child Cancer Foundation, more than 1,000 families affected by cancer are supported nationwide, and nearly 3,000 visits to these families by Family Support Coordinators occur each year.

The Challenge

With the growth of the organisation, the Child Cancer Foundation sees opportunity to improve service delivery. The management of information and resources relating to their clients is one of the biggest areas for improvement. To achieve a standardized database, and to enhance the efficiency of information management,a system that records and maintains a client’s history is necessary. However, the existing system that is currently being used is not adequate for a centralised client record and lacks the functionality required by Child Cancer Foundation.

FileVision Health

Child Cancer Foundation needs an easily accessible platform for their entire team of Family Support Coordinators, as the services that are provided are based nationwide, including both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. The FileVision Health solution enables for information sharing between offices located in different areas and minimizes the time and financial costs involved in information exchange. The solution also incorporates anon-line integrated referral service with the Starship Hospital and Auckland District Health Board which is the main treatment centre in New Zealand. A common scenario is when a family travels from one city to another for treatment. They still need the support from the organization which means this family’s information has to be available to whoever is supporting them. With the FileVision Health solution, this family’s information is readily available to the appropriate support people without compromising confidentiality and security.

Child Cancer Foundation needed a comprehensive system that fits their needs and the existing system fails to provide customizable features for the Foundation.  FileVision Health,on the other hand, aims to offer a highly efficient and fully functioning system designed specifically for the requirements and needs of their customers. The implementation of the FileVision Health solution can help to organize and The benefits from the solution can be reflected in the following aspects:

·        One centralised client record.

·        Allow reporting to come from the FileVision database and not multiple sources that need daily data entry.

·        Simple and effective linkages for daily tasks such as new referrals, attendance at events, case notes, reporting, and program attendance.

·        Less time involved in creating reports, emails and referral data entry.

·        Automatic actions and workflows.

maintain Child Cancer Foundation’s information of clients, including Caregiver/Parent information, Case Notes, Financial Assistance, Grants and other related documentation.

The enhancement of work efficiency and information management are not the only results of installing the FileVision Health care solution - a better audit process, a clearer indication of a client’s relationship with the Child Cancer Foundation are also important outcomes which add to a more efficient service across clients nationwide.



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