Tech start-up Noted launches new Student Wellness Management System

Tech start-up Noted launches new Student Wellness Management System


Off the back of its latest cash raise of $1.8 million, Noted Limited a Wellington-based software start-up is excited to announce the launch of its Student Wellness Management System. 

 The system is all about supporting schools to take a more holistic approach when it comes to the health and well being of their students, by securely sharing care across their staff including pastoral care and learning support teams, attendance services, and teachers. 

 It has been designed to work for all education providers from primary, intermediate and secondary schools to tertiary institutions.

 Cure Kids Ventures (CKV) Chief Investment Officer Caroline Quay said they were excited to support Noted in its latest cash raise as they saw great potential in what Noted offered. Especially in its ability to promote well being and reduce mental health risks for children and youth in the community. 

One school that has been working closely with Noted to help manage the health and well being of their students is Mercury Bay Area School based in the Coromandel.  

Mercury Bay Area School guidance counsellor Carolyn Gibbs said what’s impressed them about Noted is that it is a flexible off-the-shelf client management system that meets the needs of all user types. This is something they knew they would need when they moved to their own multidisciplinary model of managing the health and well being of their students.  

“We have what we call a Well being Hub, which brings together the different areas of support we offer our students such as;pastoral care, learning and behavioral interventions, school nurse assistance and whānau support. 

“Because Noted is a very well thought out and robust system, we knew it would allow us to take the various pieces of the puzzle and fit them together to let us see where the support was most needed. We also knew that through Noted’s access control function we would be able to share or restrict the information of a student, depending on who needed to see it, which was very important to us in ensuring we maintain a student’s privacy,” Carolyn said.  

Noted’s Founder/CEO Scott Pearson said it was exciting to be launching the new system as there seemed to be a growing need for it - something he had picked up on when engaging with a number of schools from around the country. 

“Being able to offer a solution like this is a big win for us and we are looking forward to rolling it out to more and more schools in the coming months,” Scott said. 

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