Special offer for NZHIT Members from Molemap

Time to get your skin checked? Then take advantage of this special offer for NZHIT Members

The Skin Check: 30 mins $199 (normally $229) - includes a head to toe check by a Melanographer, who will identify and image any moles showing features of skin cancer for expert diagnosis by a Dermatologist.  

The Full Body Molemap: 60 mins $369 (normally $399) - a complete photographic record of your skin and moles. Any mole with the potential to change over time is imaged for expert diagnosis by a Dermatologist.

Close up images of your moles, and body shots are stored securely so we can compare skin changes at follow up appointments. Includes free spot checks for one year.

To make your appointment in any of the 40 clinics nationwide, please book online and quote NZSKIN20 at the time of booking.

Offer available for direct NZHIT members also until the end of February 2020.

Contact Molemap 0800 665 362



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Anna Arrol

Administration Assistant

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