Request For Information - National Health Information Platform Discovery

In keeping with many countries around the world, New Zealand faces rising demand from health consumers, providers, researchers and innovators for systems that provide access in real-time to an individual’s health information. As citizens’ digital experience in all aspects of their lives improves, so too do expectations of highly functional joined-up health information. The desire is to address the current “islands in the stream” situation, where providers in the health system have their own records and patient access is often limited.

Access to, and use of, information across the health sector has the potential to improve equitable health outcomes and experience of care, and to enable transformed models of care by promoting collaboration and innovation.

In September 2019 the Government requested development of a programme Business Case for a national Health Information Platform (nHIP) for consideration by Cabinet in February 2020.

Work on nHIP was suspended to allow the Ministry to focus its efforts on the COVID-19 response. The Ministry is now able to turn its attention back to nHIP and is currently scoping tranche 1 of nHIP delivery. This RFI is intended to inform the development of the tranche 1 investment case.



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