ProCare signs contract with Valentia Technologies to pilot indici practice management system

Photo:Steve Boomert,ProCare CEO (L) and Dr Ahmad Javad, Valentia Technologies President Technical Services (R)

Following a rigorous review process, Valentia Technologies has signed a contract with ProCare to pilot its indici PMS system in three ProCare member practices as a precursor to a network-recommended wider roll-out.


The ProCare PMS review, which began in December 2017, initially looked at five systems before a shortlist of three moved through to a review lab. The final decision to recommend indici was made by the steering group of ProCare network members,  and approved by the ProCare Board in December last year.


Developed by Valentia in New Zealand, indici is an ultra-modern, cloud-based Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) that is centred around primary care. The system includes a comprehensive range of integrations with MOH and national health services and makes extensive use of standards-based APIs which, together with numerous world-class innovation features, strongly distinguish indici from other primary care systems in the New Zealand market. indici has already been implemented in over 30 primary care practices in New Zealand.


ProCare will be working closely with Valentia to implement indici in three pilot practices of various sizes over the next few months.  Valentia will take the lead on implementation and transition, with ProCare providing help desk and practice support during and after implementation.

Steering group chair Dr Jamie Shepherd says, “We all have the opportunity to utilise a world-class technology solution which will empower primary care to look to the future with confidence as well as adding significant value to our relationships with patients.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank my steering group colleagues for their dedication to the review process.  The comprehensive review and work collectively delivered is not something we could have done as individual practice owners or managers. It is great that we will have the support of the same steering group who will now contribute to the pilot and its outcomes.”


Steve Boomert, ProCare CEO, comments “Over the past two years ProCare members have been vocal about the need to utilise technological advancement for the benefits of patients, clinicians and for the ongoing sustainability of general practice. We are therefore really excited by the opportunity that now exists through the indici PMS system as it moves into a pilot phase.”  


Dr Ahmad Javad, Valentia’s President Technical Services, added “We are equally excited to be embarking on the implementation of indici in the first three ProCare member practices and to bringing the considerable benefits of the system to the ProCare network and its patient population. indici enables primary care to play a more pivotal, proactive role in the future healthcare landscape which is becoming more essential to the overall sustainability of healthcare services.”  

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