Patient recall information can now be included in all GP2GP transfers

With the release of Medtech32 Version 22.17 and Medtech Evolution Version 1.14 earlier this year, changes were made to the GP2GP Patient Record Import and Export function to allow users to transfer a patient’s recalls with the rest of the medical record to a patient’s new provider. This functionality is already available in other Patient Management Systems and GPs and Patients First view it as an extremely positive development and important safety feature for patients.

Reduces clinical risk

The addition of patient recalls in Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution originating GP2GP messages, addresses concerns around patient safety and medico-legal risk increasingly raised by GPs. Routine recalls, such as cervical smears and mammograms, are typically created by practices with recall systems in place. The risk of recalls not being transferred comes from more ad-hoc recalls e.g. if a clinic sets a recall for a patient to have a colonoscopy in 5 years’ time, which the patient is unlikely to remember and therefore be missed if the patient transfers to another clinic.

Who imports a GP2GP message matters!

Practices should consider who is best placed to complete the GP2GP import. This responsibility varies between practices, from administrators to GPs. While it takes a few minutes to import the record and tidy up the relevant areas, it is a critical step in taking over the care of a new patient.

GPs might be best placed to know which recalls to import and to review the existing classifications list, as it is faster to tidy up the classification list at the importing stage rather than afterwards.

If the import is done by another team member, it is important to discuss and agree how recalls are to be handled and support assigned team members so that it can be done safely.

For instructions on how to include recalls in a GP2GP export or import and complete the recall mapping, please refer to the Medtech32V22.17 Release Notes or the Medtech Evolution V1.14 Release Notes.

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