NZHIT's report to the New Zealand Health & Disability System Review Panel

On behalf of its members, NZHIT has engaged with the NZ Health & Disability System Review Panel (Panel) by providing presentations and was also commissioned by the Panel to prepare an overview to identify the extent of the software applications in use across New Zealand’s health and disability sector (Sector).

Where applicable this also provided relevant commentary on the Sector’s digital capability including key issues and opportunities. This was especially in terms of the development of an interoperable environment across the sector and how this might be achieved.  

To prepare this overview, NZHIT undertook a range of targeted interviews within a relatively short time-frame (to meet the Panel’s requirements). The focus being on NZHIT’s membership, especially those that are providing software solutions across the wider public health sector including the secondary, primary, community and NGO sectors. This overview also briefly looks at the emerging health software market growth to provide a snapshot of how this is developing, constraints and opportunities this creates for the sector.

In developing this report NZHIT realises that it is only a starting point at this stage. The information contained in the report is by no means exhaustive (especially the applications tables) and creates the opportunity for further work to be undertaken across a much wider range of stakeholders to improve its accuracy and to maintain this information on an ongoing basis.

You can access a copy of the report from the NZHIT Resources page in "Sector Reports"

The Panel has also provided reference resources on its website, including a presentation by Lloyd McCann to the private surgical hospitals association which has some particularly interesting and useful information.

If you have an questions about this report or the Panel's work then please contact Scott Arrol (NZHIT CEO) - +64 21 414631 or



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