NZHIT's Special Interest Groups Meet Amid Pandemic Emergency

Many NZHIT members took time from their busy schedules this week to join the monthly meetings of the two special interest groups that operate within NZHIT's umbrella.

The 'virtual health industry group' (VHIG) and 'digital enablers industry group' (DEHIG) are made up of New Zealand's leading digital health companies that are playing an important role during the current pandemic emergency.

With currently over 30 members in each group the VHIG and DEHIG provides participants with the ability to engage with health and public sector leaders.

Now more than ever is a crucial time for the public sector decision makers to be engaging with industry players especially as the latter is prepared, willing and able to shoulder as much of the load as necessary to help New Zealand meet the pandemic head on.

With such a rapid switch to virtual health consultations particularly in the primary care sector the need for sound, stable and ready-to-use solutions formed a large part of the discussions at the VHIG's meeting on Wednesday 1st of April.

On the same day, the DEHIG discussed key cybersecurity and privacy concerns along with the increased strain being put on core IT infrastructure across the health sector. This is as a result of the rapid deployment of remote working, bandwidth capacities and the strain being put on popularly used video-conferencing systems.

There were updates from the Ministry of Health and Telehealth Leadership Group, which were very useful and appreciated.

Whilst acknowledging the increased workloads and pressures being placed on everyone at this time, both groups highlighted the need for greater levels of transparency, engagement and governance to ensure decisions made "under fire" were able to be sustained past the immediate period; or unwound if no longer needed or applicable to longer term requirements of the sector.

The VHIG is meeting again on the 8th of April for an updated on the fantastic work being carried out by the Healthline.

For more information on these groups please contact Scott Arrol, NZHIT CEO on or

Copies of the group's terms of reference and list of current members in each group can be viewed and downloaded here.



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