NZHIT's Board for 2019 announced


At NZHIT's 2018 Annual General Meeting, held during the recent HiNZ conference (21-23 November 2018), the newly elected Board members for the 2018-19 period were announced.

This followed an election process where NZHIT members voted for the three vacant positions that had 15 nominees to choose from. All nominees being of a very high calibre and reflected the level of support and engagement NZHIT has within the New Zealand health sector. The newly elected Board members are -

Kate Reid, Director of Digital Health, Deloitte NZ (re-elected for a further 2-year term)

Kate Rhind, Founder & Managing Director, Healthpoint (re-elected for a further 2-year term)

Harry Hawke, Chief Executive Officer, Webtools Health (newly elected for a 2-year term)

They join the following Board members who were elected at the AGM in 2017 and have one more year left in their current term -

Ross Peat, Executive Director & Co-owner, HealthSoft

Russell Craig, National Technology Officer, Microsoft NZ

Steve Vlok, Co-founder & CEO, Celo Ltd

Board Officers and Co-opted Board members appointed -

During the recent Board meeting on the 19th of December (first meeting since the AGM) the elected members voted on the appointment of the following officers and co-opted members -

Chair - Kate Reid (previously served as Chair during the 2017-18 period)

Deputy Chair - Ross Peat (previously served as Deputy Chair during the 2017-18 period)

Co-opted - Simon Martin, Partner, Hudson Gavin Martin (previously served as a co-opted member during the 2017-18 period)

Co-opted - Tony Wai, CFO & Head of Corporate Services, ProCare Health (newly appointed)

Under the NZHIT constitution the elected board members can appoint a maximum of 4 co-opted members to the board. At an upcoming board strategic planning session, to be held in late January 2019, a decision will be made on the appointment to the remaining 2 co-opted positions. This will be based on the priorities and objectives for 2019 and bringing people onto the board who can directly support these.

The NZHIT Board members provide their services and expertise on a voluntary basis to the organisation, which demonstrates their commitment to the membership and sector.

On behalf of the NZHIT membership the Board thanks Hamish Franklin (Group Manager - Healthcare Innovation, Green Cross Health) and Sinclair Hughes (Director, Incisive Medical Systems) who have both stepped down from the Board having made a significant contribution to the progress that has been made during the past four years.

Profiles of the Board members can be found HERE



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