NZHIT welcomes new member Loffty

Loffty is the world’s most comprehensive online mental health assessment, covering 30 different mental health conditions. By providing GPs and practitioners with richer information, Loffty enables Kiwis and their practitioners to work more effectively together to improve mental health and wellbeing.

"Our Loffty goal is to uplift one million people using gold standard mental health assessment"

Time for a paradigm change

At Loffty, we’re passionate about uplifting New Zealanders and creating a world where people are empowered to understand, discuss and transform mental health and wellbeing.

We’ve set a Loffty goal of measurably uplifting one million people using our gold standard mental health assessment technology! Our appalling suicide rates won’t change if we do more of the same. But with our paradigm changing approach to mental health assessment and working together with people, practitioners and workplaces, there’s no reason we can’t achieve our Loffty goal.

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Anna Arrol

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