NZHIT Welcomes New Member HealthOne

HealthOne (Shared Care Record View) is a secure record that stores health information including diagnosis, allergies, encounter notes, and medications. Authorised Healthcare Providers such as GPs, community nurses, pharmacists, hospital doctors, and nurses can access information stored in HealthOne.
Recently Health one aquired new ownership:
HealthOne, the South Island’s secure electronic health care record management system is now in a limited partnership structure that provides clarity around ownership of the product and enables future growth.
Originally set up to bridge the information gap between primary and secondary care, HealthOne provides electronic care information for over one million South Islanders to many authorised health care providers, such as GPs, pharmacists, and community practitioners.  It assists health professionals to make the best, safest and most informed decisions for their patients at the point of care and is accessed more than 300,000 times per month, providing better health outcomes for individuals and our community.
HealthOne Chair, Jacky Percy says “this is a significant milestone for HealthOne that will enable appropriate investment and expansion opportunities”.
“While the structure of the business has changed our commitment to security of our database and provision of technical support to our vendors has not. HealthOne remains subject to a comprehensive security and privacy regime,” says Jacky. “The change of partnership structure makes it clear who owns the HealthOne product, and a limited partnership is the right structure from a governance perspective.
Health One Limited Partnership is owned by Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd and The New Zealand Health Innovation Hub Limited Partnership a wholly owned subsidiary of Canterbury District Health Board.
HealthOne captures patient clinical information from a range of healthcare providers. This patient information is then available for secure view along with secondary care information, allowing for timely safe and effective health care of the patient at point of care.
HealthOne remains subject to a comprehensive security and privacy regime. The formalising of the HealthOne Partnership does not change or impact this.
The User Deeds signed by the individuals prior to gaining access have been transferred to the Partnership and remain valid and enforceable.
  • For more information about HealthOne –
  • For more information about this media release – Rachael Page, Interim General Manager, HealthOne  – 027 256 8359
  • For HealthOne privacy queries please contact the HealthOne Privacy Office – 0508 837 873



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