NZ HealthTech Opportunities Report Workshops

NZHIT is providing leadership to support the development of the NZ HealthTech Opportunities Report that will identify the important role that technology can play to support the achievement of a world class health, disability and social system for all New Zealanders.

The report will identify the opportunities for health technology to do more than is currently the case. This includes moving from the current situation of 'tech as an enabler' towards achieving 'full tech enablement', which is the next level we must be striving for.

This report will identify the most important barriers that are limiting progress and these 'calls to action' will drive the next phase of working together to jointly solve these problems as they are too important to be left unresolved.

The process for developing the report is inclusive, open to anyone and we encourage you to get involved so you can make your contribution.

A variety of engagement sessions (virtual and/or in-person depending on Covid-19 levels) will be held during September as we want to provide as many options as possible for you to be involved. Dates will be announced in advance both on the NZHIT website and newsletters with the first three sessions listed below -

The format/venue of the workshops will be determined based on Covid levels, availability of in-person meeting space, location and tech functionality.

To register for any of these sessions simply send an email to with the date or multiple dates in the subject line, you will then be sent an invite via email.

If you have an queries then please contact Scott Arrol, NZHIT CEO +64 21 414631 or



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